A loser that paints

I draw stuff I like because it makes me happy,

Oceanus by ThemePirate

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Old character design that I ended up never using
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Repulsed Asexual Riven is my favorite Riven. She’s grossed out by people who sexualize her huhu

My next post was supposed to be Taric but I got super stuck with him, so I just decided to move on. He’ll be finished in the near future though.
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Making a new OC~

She is a trans lamb lady who rams anyone who misgenders her~

I’mma design her outfit now.
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Here’s Ez~ My headcanon for him is he’s a whiny little bitch so here he is whining.
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Here is Lux~ My friend shared the headcanon that she’s supposed to be mentally unstable. And I fell in love with the idea so here she is. Just imagine her laughing.
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Working on League of Legends chibi heads. Will probably make them stickers => Here is my fave champ in my fave skin.
June 15, 2014 / 7 notes

I’m super proud and honored to say that I’ve been offered a spot in the gallery of Kawaiiland: A huge J-Fashion event to be held at San Francisco!

As part of the deal, I have to help sell tickets so please buy some through this link!!

I would love it so so much if you guys made it! I’m going to try and make brand new art for the show! And there will be lots of festivities including live bands, runway shows, photo booths and vendors! Please consider stopping by! Especially if you love J-Fashion!

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Mock up for my business cards! This one is kinda off cause I used vistaprint’s dimensions for the image and their dimensions are super weird, so there’s a bit of an overlap in the mock-up but you guys get the idea.
May 18, 2014 / 11 notes


I finally made a facebook fan page for my art! Featuring a new illustration as the cover photo so please check it out and like and signal boost! I’d appreciate it so much!

I’ll be posting my commission rates and Fanime adventures on it soon!

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My fourth Illustration project! One more to goooo!

Fun Fact: The light therapy that Hannibal used to manipulate Will was first attempted on rats. So here are his sad rat buddies.